Major Mono Display

This is h1, Monospace

This is h2, Geneva, Italic Bold

This is h3, Monospace, Italic

Menu Items use Nova Mono, Italic

H1 shall be used to title each block

H3 elements shall describe pictures, within the blocks

H2 elements shall express the point of the content

Paragraph elements shall express any context related to the block. This layout is essentially a social media styled blog.

Each block has it's own personalised elements

All the best things are block-like

For every infoblock you create, everything is proportioned inside of it

This layout gives the user a quick way to segment content. Other functionality can be added, such as video and audio. However this is a basic layout. Above there are menu items and below there is page navigation. Using a div selector with id="midway", will create a site navigation link to that section. Span tags add Italics and a highlight

A wonderful view

I live by the sea, the forest and the mountains

Here is a picture of Ben Bhraggie

I should say that i use to live here. I've recently moved, further north and STILL live by the sea. I am rather glad of this, as i love the sea! That's not to exclude the forest, of which there is a little less of. The forests of Scotland always bring me a profound feeling of peace and security. A luxury few know of, as we lack any predators.

Colours used on this layout

Gunge Green
rgb(0, 151, 81)

Visible Greying
rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.281)

Seaward Green
rgb(181, 250, 250)

Sea Me Now
rgb(56, 255, 162)

Troubled Blue
rgb(13, 115, 146)